How To Tighten Your Vagina With V-Tight Gel

V-Tight Gel Couple - Tighten Your VaginaJust like men all seem to want a larger penis, many women also both want and prefer to have a tighter vagina. This article will be featuring a vaginal tightening product called V-Tight Gel as well as touching on some other methods as to how to tighten your vagina, what causes a loose vagina and how the vagina works.


How the Vagina Works

We won’t get into a lot of detail here, or how the vagina lubricates, just a quick overview to touch on what makes it tight or loose.

Much more is known and publicised about the male reproductive system than the female. In part this is due to the man’s organs being external while the female’s are largely internal. The penis word is bandied about all the time, but for some unknown reason the word vagina and anything associated with it is often left unsaid and considered somewhat of a taboo subject. Less research has been conducted on the female reproductive system and many people – both male and female – know very little about the vagina and how it actually works.

Many refer to the external part of a woman’s anatomy as the vagina. This is actually the vulva. The vagina is the internal canal that the penis slides into; the part you can’t actually see. Like the head of a man’s penis, the clitoris is the most sensitive part of a woman’s sex organs. However, the clitoris is not just a small nub sitting just above the vulva. The nerve endings of the clitoris go internal, branching off in two directions inside the vagina and extending for about five inches along the vaginal walls.

Think of the vaginal canal as a deflated tube that stretches when a penis is inserted. Surrounding this tube are muscles that contract, making the canal tight, thus giving frictional pleasure to both man and woman when the penis is inside. In part this is why men always want to have a larger penis. He knows it will give his partner more pleasure from more contact, as well as making the vaginal canal feel tighter around his shaft. Alternatively, if the vagina has become too loose, the pleasurable sensations of sex will be somewhat diminished, even with a larger, thicker penis.


What Causes a Loose Vagina?

Age can be one of the reasons. Just as men can suffer from some sexual dysfunction as they get older, so too can women. Internally or externally the muscles in our bodies can become softer and weaker as we age, unless we regularly work them out. While many of us exercise the muscles we can see, most of us forget about those all-important internal muscles: The pelvic floor muscles. We’ll talk about exercising these muscles in a moment.

The most common cause of a loose vagina is obviously childbirth. The more children a woman bears the looser a vagina can become. If a woman gives birth to twins or triplets, then even more so. Often the vulva tears, which is then stitched up after giving birth. While this may keep the outer portion tight and firm, it does nothing to help that vital inner sanctum where most of the sexual pleasure takes place.

A lifetime of regular sex can also lead to a loosening of the vagina walls, as too can a constant indulgence in using over-sized sex toys.

Some women are just born with bigger, looser vaginas just as some men are born with a bigger or smaller penis.



The term Vaginoplasty is applied to any form of cosmetic surgery performed on the vagina or vulva. There can be many reasons for a woman to need to undergo this procedure. Damage from childbirth, disease, cancer, a collapsed uterus. A loose vagina is also one of them. While we’re not going to delve into the subject of this somewhat radical surgery in this article, I thought I would mention it for anyone who was interested.

To learn more about this procedure, click here.


Benefits of a Tighter Vagina and Stronger Pelvic Floor Muscles

  • Better, more pleasurable sex
  • Stop light bladder leakage (LBL)
  • Improved rectal function
  • Reduce the risk of prolapse
  • Improved recovery from childbirth
  • Improved recovery from gynaecological surgery
  • Restored suppleness to the vagina
  • Reduced likelihood of developing incontinence

Better sex is the most obvious benefit of having a tighter vagina. But as you can see in the list above, toning up those pelvic floor muscles can have other benefits as well. No one wants to suffer the embarrassment of LBL or incontinence. And we all would like to be as healthy and toned on the inside as we desire to be on the outside.


Kegel Exercises for Women


Diagram showing the muscles worked with Kegel exercises.

In the 1940s Dr Arnold Kegel developed an exercise program to help women prepare for childbirth. These exercises became known as ‘Kegel Exercises’. These days men are encouraged to perform these exercises just as much as women are, as there are so many health benefits (especially normal sexual function) associated with regularly performing these exercises for both sexes.

It is all about exercising the pelvic floor muscles. The easiest way to find these muscles is to urinate and to force yourself to stop urinating midstream. Once you have learnt to locate these muscles and activate them, you can access them at will.

There are a number of forms of performing Kegel exercises. Basically, like working any muscle group, it is about flexing and unflexing, expanding and contracting the muscles to tone them and strengthen them.

The Private Gym company has created a great exercise program for men to strengthen their pelvic floor muscles and improve their overall sexual performance.

Read our review of the Private Gym system here.

Likewise, with the V-Tight Gel system we’ll talk about below, the cream is complimented by a series of Kegel exercise instructions to help you get back into top shape internally.


V-Tight Gel

Made from all-natural herbal ingredients, V-Tight Gel has been formulated as the ultimate vaginal tightening cream ever to hit the market. Whether your vagina is loose from childbirth, is a hereditary condition, or the muscles surrounding the vaginal walls just need toning, this gel and accompanying exercise program will put the youth back into your lovemaking and your internal health.

V-Tight Gel Bonus 2

The Benefits

  • Firm and tighten your vagina naturally
  • Restore lubrication, eliminating dryness
  • Restore suppleness to your vaginal walls
  • Reshape and contract the vaginal walls
  • Feel young and rejuvenated again
  • Regulate menstrual cycles and ease cramps
  • Helps eliminate vaginal discharge and odours
  • Doesn’t irritate your skin
  • Spreads easily with no mess
  • Contains no harmful additives or chemicals


The star ingredient of V-Tight Gel is Manjakani Extract. One of the most powerful herbs known to man and considered a wonder herb, Manjakani Extract has been used for centuries by women to aid in the recovery from childbirth.

Manjakani PlantIngredients list:

  • Manjakani Extract
  • Water
  • Witch hazel leaf extract
  • Arginine
  • Sodium benzoate
  • Sodium PCA
  • Citric acid

Improve Your Sex Life Starting Today

Right now the company is offering a FREE bottle of V-Tight Gel with every order. Combined with the exercise program, regular applications of the gel will soon restore that vaginal tightness that both you and your partner desire, leading to a more vibrant and satisfying sex life.

Click below to learn more about V-Tight Gel from the official website, or to make your first order and take advantage of the free bonus offer.

V-Tight Gel Bonus




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