Breast Enlargement Tips That Help

Can breast size be enhanced or improved without artificial implants? Is expensive and invasive cosmetic surgery the only option to increase the size of a woman’s chest and define that cleavage?

This article is going to look at some breast enlargement tips that help without the need to undergo the surgeon’s knife. Of course, nothing covered here is going to give a woman an instant increase in breast size like artificial implants, but the following tips may help to improve both the shape and all-important size of that beautiful female bust.

It is recommended to try at least a few of the following methods for enhancing your breasts, as different things work better for different people. We’re all unique, after all. It’s also important to have patience as the benefits will be subtle and results won’t be noticed immediately.


Breast Enhancement Exercises

Building up your pectoral (chest) muscles is one sure way of giving your boobs a more voluminous appearance. Technically the breasts themselves won’t be any bigger, but with larger chest muscles behind them they will certainly sit further off the chest. It will also give your bust a much perkier and firmer look. Following are a few exercises to get you started.

Chest Press

This is probably the best exercise for adding muscle to those pecs and building up that busty look. There’s no need to join a gym to do this. If you’re already a gym member, then be sure to add it to your routine. If not, this exercise can easily be done in the comfort of your own home with a set of dumbbells. 5kg dumbbells are probably heavy enough for this purpose. If you have a handy bench that is roughly the width of your body, that’s great, but if not you can simply lay flat on your back on the floor. Holding a dumbbell in each hand, rest your elbows on the floor, bent at a 90 degree angle. Slowly raise your arms straight up, then gradually lower them to the floor again. Do a set of about 10-15 reps, take a break, then do another two sets of with a break in between. After a week or so you will get used to this weight, after which you can increase the number of sets (or reps), and/or increase the weight of the dumbbells.

Push UpsPush Ups

Push ups (or press ups as they’re also known) are very similar to doing the chest press exercise, only you don’t need weights as your body weight is acting as the resistance. Getting down on the ground, place your hands on the floor slightly wider apart than the width of your shoulders, stretch your body right out so your feet are on their toes. Keeping your body rigid, slowly bend your elbows and lower yourself almost to the floor before raising yourself back up again. Do this 10 times, rest, then repeat.

To mix things up a little you could do the chest press one day and push ups the next.


Breast Massaging

This is actually one of the best methods to employ to stimulate breast growth. For starters, massaging any area of the body increases blood flow to that area. When it comes to the breasts the increased blood flow is feeding the tissue with two important elements contained in female blood: prolactin and oestrogen. These two hormones are known to play a vital role in the maintenance, development and growth of breast tissue.

There are many ways you can do a breast massage, like while in the shower for instance, using soap and water to make the skin slick. The bathroom definitely offers more privacy. In the bedroom with massage oil is another option. Of course, you could always ask your partner to do it too. I’m sure he wouldn’t mind one bit. It only requires a few minutes per day, morning and night. It is recommended to continue the procedure consistently for at least a month to get results.

To perform the massage, place a hand over each breast and spread the fingers out slightly. Gently massage them towards each other using a circular motion, as if trying to accentuate your cleavage. Then go around and out and back in again.

It is said that regular breast massaging several times per day for one month can increase your breasts by one cup size. Results will vary from person to person.


Eat Foods Rich in Oestrogen and Healthy Fats

Eating certain foods can also help you achieve your goal of bigger, fuller and perkier breasts.

As breasts are primarily made of fat, eating foods containing healthy fats can promote a slight increase in bust size. Some foods that have a high concentrate of healthy fats include:

  • FishMixed Nuts
  • Avocado
  • Eggs
  • Nuts
  • Olive oil
  • Dairy products

There are also foods rich in Oestrogen, that all important female hormone. Here are a few natural sources of Oestrogen to boost your bust:

  • Sunflower and sesame seeds
  • Eggs
  • Fruit and vegetables (green leafy)
  • Tofu
  • Soy products
  • Milk and dairy products

Other foods that can help:

  • Lean meat
  • Seafood
  • Whole grains


Weight Gain

Probably not the ideal solution for most women, but if you are a little on the thin side anyway, then gaining a few extra pounds can be a way of adding flesh to the chest. The only real downside to this is the possibility of putting the weight on in areas where it is either not needed nor desired.


Fake It

Although it’s cheating in a way and size isn’t really being added to your bust-line, faking it can at least give the appearance of more ample and fuller breasts. Bra stuffing is obviously the most common way. Silicon bra inserts is also a good way of achieving this as they also ‘feel’ more natural beneath the material of the bra. There is also the classic push-up bra to boost that bust and accentuate a beautiful cleavage. Wearing the correct bra size is important too, as a bra that’s either too tight or too loose will make those boobs appear smaller.


Breast Enhancing Supplements

There are a few on the market with mixed reports about their effectiveness in increasing the size of one’s mammaries. Many of you may have heard of Total Curve. It comes in a 2 part system with a daily supplement pill as well as a firming and lifting gel. Combined with the right kind of diet (as listed above), results can be promising.

What the Pill Does

The supplements are enriched with phytoestrogens to naturally increase breast volume. Also in the pills is a selection of herbs which are known to promote the growth of breast tissue. Added to the mix is a selection of antioxidants and nutrients that not only encourage breast enlargement, but also reduce the symptoms of PMS and menopause, and also serve to increase the libido.

How the Gel Lifts and Firms the Breasts

The gel contains a substance called sarsasapogenin which stimulates lipogenesis. Essentially this interacts with breast tissue, causing the fatty cells to grow and multiply, thus adding volume to the bust whilst also nourishing the skin in the process.

Every woman is different, but results should be noticeable after about a month of the dual treatment, with best result visible by the 90 day mark.

Click the image below to buy Total Curve and get the breasts you’ve always dreamed of!






  1. September 2, 2015    

    I didn’t know there are other ways to improve breast appearance than faking it or getting a surgery 🙂
    I will definitely try the exercises chest press and push ups and see how it works for me. I was also very pleased to learn that a different diet may help too. Are the foods you mentioned also useful to enhance the breast tissue firmness fading with age? Thanks for sharing these tips to help avoid surgery and the risk associated with it.

    • September 2, 2015    

      Thanks for reading, Carolyn. Yes, surgery isn’t always the answer to everything, although the results can have big benefits. The foods mentioned (and there are probably more as well) will help keep the breasts healthy and firmer. Applying Vitamin C enriched fruits or creams to the breasts will also help keep the skin nourished and youthful.

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