Magic Bullet NutriBullet Review – Make Slimming Juices and Soups in Seconds

Magic Bullet NutriBullet 12 Piece High-Speed Blender/Mixer System

Model: NBR – 12
Where To Buy: Amazon
Warranty: 1 Year
Our rating: 4/5 Stars

Product Overview of the NutriBullet 12

Essentially I can be quite lazy when it comes to cooking, preparing meals etc. I like convenience. I like things quick. The less preparation time and washing up the better for me. That's one of the things that attracts me to products like the Magic Bullet NutriBullet 12. They're quick and easy to use, there is minimal clean up afterwards and you can drink your juice, smoothie or soup right from the cup you mixed it in. What could be better than that?

However, there's more to this mini blender system than just the convenience factor though. Basically, what can't this thing blend?

When you toss fruit or vegetables into the cup you can throw them in seeds, stems, skins and all. The super-sharp blades and powerful little motor chop and slice and generally pulverise every piece of the fruit or vegetable, adding loads extra to your nutrient base. Often times some of the richest sources of nutrients are actually in the seeds and stems of plants and not the actual part we like to eat. It even handles hard nuts and ice with ease. You can also grind your coffee beans in this sucker for that perfect aromatic blend. The best thing about the Magic Bullet system compared to a regular blender is the consistency. Quite often the big, chunky blades of a blender will miss seeds and lumps of fruit and vegetable entirely, whereas the finely-crafted and designed blades of the NutriBullet rarely miss a thing. The user can make their mix as lumpy or as smooth as they so desire. It all depends on the blade you use and the amount of time you blend the mix for.

Compared to the original Magic Bullet the base unit is heavier with a better build quality, giving the blender much more stability when mixing.


What Can you Make With the NutriBullet 12?

Depends on your imagination. The system comes with a user guide and a recipe book, giving you some ideas on what to blend. But really, the sky's the limit when it comes to the number of handy things you can do with this mixer. Below is a short list of just a few.

  • Fruit juices, vegetable juices
  • Mixed juices – fruit and veg
  • Smoothies and milk shakes
  • Purees
  • Soups
  • Chopped ice
  • Chopped nuts
  • Ground coffee
  • Pastes and curries

The list goes on and on, but I don't want to fill the page with the possibilities. Needless to say there are many.


What's in the Box?

  • 1 High-torque Power Base
  • 1 Extractor Blade
  • 1 Milling Blade
  • 1 Tall Cup
  • 2 Short Cups
  • 1 Handled Lip Ring
  • 1 Regular Lip Ring
  • 2 Stay-fresh Resealable Lids
  • 1 User Manual & Cookbook
  • 1 Pocket Nutritionist


Product Specifications

  • Wattage Output: 600 Watts
  • Number of Speeds: 1
  • Capacity (volume): 3 Cups
  • Appliance Capabilities: Shredder, Blends, Grinds, Chops
  • Material: Plastic (BPA-Free)
  • Care and Cleaning: Dishwasher Safe Parts
  • Base Dimensions: 5.375" Diameter x 8" Height
  • Overall Product Weight: 7.6 lbs (3.5kg)
  • Made in China to US standards and specifications

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  1. John RicoJohn Rico
    November 5, 2015    

    I just heard about nutribullet when I was doing my laundry last sunday and I was really impressed with what it can do. Actually I am trying to live healthy that’s why I choose to eat more fruits and vegetables. most of the time, I can eat as many as I can but eventually I find it not tasty. When I heard of nutribullet, I got an idea to just mix it all together like a shake so I can immediately drink it. Have you tried the nutribullet for yourself? Does it work the same as it was advertised?

    • November 5, 2015    

      I do use NutriBullet and it works just as good as advertised, that’s why it’s one of the most popular blenders on the market and has been for years. Thanks for commenting.

  2. moynulmoynul
    March 1, 2016    

    keeping a review short and sweet. That is what I like, call it laziness if you want, I call it convenience lol. I have the original nutribullet and I was wondering is there anything out there that blends as good as this thing? Only an upgrade would beat this thing. Great review, I might even purchase this off your AL soon.

    • March 1, 2016    

      It is a great machine and upgrading to the latest NutriBullet is probably the only way to get a better one. Cheers.

  3. meganmegan
    April 22, 2016    

    Interesting article on menstruation. I did not know the exact reason that suffered from all the pain, but now I do. Its also interesting and ironic about the foods we need to avoid, especially since these are the foods we crave the most when we are menstruating. I am however going to take all of this into account since I struggle with a lot of pain because my flow is very heavy. My mom also had a friend who’s daughters used to put ice in between the both of their feet to soothe the pain. I thought it was silly, but I tried it and it works. I guess it has something to do with the nerves or something. Of course this would be something someone would do when they are just lounging at home.

    • April 22, 2016    

      Thanks for your comment, Megan. I think it was meant for a different post on my site, but I appreciate you taking the time to express your thoughts.

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