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Private Gym Lovers - Kegel Exercises for MenThere are a number of great health benefits resulting from exercising the muscles in the pelvic region, and for many years women have been encouraged to perform these exercises. Medical research has now concluded that pelvic exercises have just as many health benefits for men. Strong pelvic muscles help support the male reproductive system, as well as the rectum and the bladder.

So, performing Kegel exercises for men will improve the following:

  • Sexual performance
  • Erectile dysfunction
  • Bowel function
  • Prostate health
  • Urinary health
  • Premature ejaculation
  • Saddle sports trauma
  • Tension myalgia


The Private Gym Pelvic Muscle Exercise System For Men

A company called Private Gym has recently released an exercise system just for men which targets pelvic muscle health, improving all the above conditions associated with this critical region of the male anatomy. The system is FDA registered and has been featured heavily in the media, with all the major American newspapers and news networks featuring stories on this amazing system.



How It Works

Private Gym Pelvic Muscles with Kegel ExercisesBy age 30 the pelvic muscles that support a man’s reproductive system and sexual function begin to weaken, and by age 40 up to 50% of men begin to suffer some form of sexual dysfunction. That’s a pretty big percentage.

There is hope, though. This weakening of the pelvic muscles can be reversed. Just like working out your arms at the gym will make your arm muscles stronger, it’s the same with the pelvic region. Exercised in the proper way with the correct techniques, the pelvic muscles can be restored to their former glory, improving not only sexual function (highly important), but also the health of the prostate, urinary tract and the rectum.

The Private Gym system, created by the foremost experts in sexual health, both isolates and strengthens the muscles in this region, giving you back your youth both in and out of the bedroom.


Results of Clinical Trials of the Private Gym System

Studies were performed over a 4 month period and utilised the Private Gym’s Complete Training Program. The exercises were performed for just 10 minutes a day 3 times a week, and the studies were conducted by the Erectile Dysfunction Foundation. The results were considered remarkable and are as follows:

Private Gym Clinical Results



Decades of research has gone into the creation and perfection of the Private Gym program of exercises. The exercises are based on the 1940s findings of Dr Arnold Kegel. This doctor originally invented an exercise program to help women prepare for childbirth. During this time Dr Kegel also discovered that these very same exercises improved sexual function in both men and women.

Back in 2005 the British Journal of Urology International published a study that concluded that a whopping 76% of men achieved significantly improved erectile function after performing pelvic muscle exercises.

Private Gym Course 

The Benefits In More Detail

Sexual Performance

Who doesn’t want to perform at their optimum in the bedroom? We all want sexual satisfaction and so do our partners. We work out other parts of our body for fitness and improved performance. Well, when we focus exercises on the pelvic region we tone up those muscles to give us longer-lasting erections, harder erections and more powerful, intense and explosive orgasms.

Erectile Dysfunction

Erectile dysfunction (or ED) is suffered by up to 50% of men above the age of 40. Let’s face it, 40 is not very old. Way too young to be suffering from problems of this nature. Once again, exercising these important pelvic muscles both improves and eradicates ED.

Premature Ejaculation

This is one of the most common sexual problems that men face. This is both stressful for you and your partner. Neither of you achieves full sexual satisfaction and you, the man, lose confidence in your sexual ability and self control. Toning up the pelvic floor helps control the prostate, which in turn helps you control your ejaculations.

Urinary Tract

Who wants to suffer from embarrassing incontinence? If you already do, or would like to prevent this issue ever rearing its ugly head, then the Private Gym exercise system will help solve your problems. The pelvic floor muscles actually control bladder flow. When these muscles are working at peak level, there is no after dribbling, no loss of bladder control and no humiliating wet patches on your trousers.

Prostate Health

Overall prostate health is vitally important. While Kegel Exercises will not prevent prostate infection, cancer, or the requirement to have annual prostate check ups once over the age of 40, these exercises will improve the overall health of the prostate by increasing blood flow to this vital gland. Although it is a gland, the prostate also contains small muscles which control the ejaculation of semen and the flow of urine, so a strong and healthy prostate is a very good thing to have.

Bowel Control

None of us want to experience nasty and unexpected ‘accidents’ back there. Once again strong pelvic muscles come to the fore to help prevent such undesirable occurrences. The Private Gym helps to strengthen the anal sphincter, allowing you complete rear end control.

Tension Myalgia

This is essentially chronic pelvic pain caused by over-stress and excessive tension of the pelvic floor muscles. The pelvic muscles go into spasms, causing poor sexual performance, as well as contributing to urinary and bowel issues. There is a phase in the Private Gym training that teaches you how to relax the pelvic floor muscles, thus relieving the tension in this zone and bringing comfort back into your life.

Saddle Sports Trauma

This type of trauma is not only caused by riding a horse, it can occur from cycling, or from riding a motorcycle or scooter. These all put pressure on the scrotum and the perineum (the region between the scrotum and the anus). This is the area where the blood supply for the pelvic floor muscles and penis reside. ED can occur from too much pressure and trauma placed on this important piece of real estate, and the Private Gym exercise program will relieve issues related to saddle sports trauma.


How Much Does the Private Gym System Cost?

The price depends on which system you purchase. There is the Basic Training package and the Complete Training package.

  • Basic Training: $59.99
  • Complete Training: $99.99

Here’s a comparison chart to see what you get with each:

Private Gym Training Comparison


Further Details

The company ships the Private Gym system worldwide, and if you live in the US you get free postage. There is a 60 day money back guarantee if not completely satisfied with your purchase. All billing and packaging is discreet to ensure your privacy.


Conclusions Based On My Own Experiences

I had inguinal hernia surgery a while back. An incision is made in the groin and hernioplasty mesh is placed inside the body to strengthen the weak zone. After this operation it took a while to recover on a number of levels. For a time, because of trauma to this region of my body, I suffered various forms of sexual dysfunction; notably retrograde ejaculations (where semen gets forced back into the bladder rather than out through the penis). I also suffered from very weak ejaculations with minimal seminal fluid. Performing these Kegel exercises improved my condition out of sight in no time. They really do work.

If you have any problems or issues that could be improved through using the Private Gym system, or you would just like to learn how to strengthen your pelvic floor muscles before you develop a problem, then I urge you to go to the official website and check it out for yourself. There is loads of great information there to read which really explains how the system can benefit you. These exercises work wonders. I speak from personal experience because I’ve done these exercises and reaped the rewards.

So click the image below and check it out. It’s well worth a look.


Better Sex Through Exercise - Learn More at




  1. JackJack
    November 2, 2015    

    Hey There

    Excellent information thank you for providing us with such informative info. I particularly like the way you right your personality shines through your content and makes it easy to understand, even for me.

    this was quite a shock to me though do you think every man should be doing these exercises ? are they really that benficail ? i mean do they work as well as you say they do ?

    Thank you for this article I have a cousin I know will find this post very interesting as she was looking for similar information just the other day, I will share this with her now.

    Thank you


    • November 2, 2015    

      Thanks for commenting, Jack.

      Yes, I can vouch for these exercises as I’ve personally done them and still do from time to time. I had quite a few issues after inguinal hernia surgery and Kegel exercises went a long way towards solving those issues. They are just as beneficial for women too, and are not just restricted to men.

  2. MarcusMarcus
    November 26, 2015    

    Yes, I suppose the muscles around the genitals are like any other muscles and get stronger the more you exercise them. It is great to see that there is an exercise system out there that can improve so many aspects of male sexual health, without having to resort to supplements, or worse, drugs.

    Have you used these exercises yourself with any success?

    • November 26, 2015    

      I have personally used this Kegel exercise system and still do from time to time now. A few years ago I had inguinal hernia surgery (a repair in the groin area) and things weren’t working too well for a time after the surgery, so I did some research on the net and came across the Private Gym exercise system. It definitely works. It really helped me get things back to normal.

      I think it’s important for both men and women to perform these pelvic floor muscle exercises on a regular basis, especially as we age. It helps prevent many forms of sexual dysfunction, as well as having other health benefits as well.

  3. AndimaxAndimax
    December 31, 2015    

    Great job! I like the content which is very thorough and informative. The presentation is quite attractive and there is a lot I can explore on your site. Your header is very captivating. I particularly like your images that speaks volumes about your content. I will refer this site to my husband. Thanks a bunch!

    • January 1, 2016    

      Thanks for the comments and the feedback.

  4. PaulaPaula
    April 2, 2016    

    Hi there, this is very interesting. I have been doing these exercises for years but never thought about men doing them or even if they were beneficial for men. I suppose women are more encouraged to do them following childbirth but it does make sense for men to do them too. The results of the clinical trials are impressive too.

    • April 2, 2016    

      Every man should be doing Kegel exercises. It’s those pelvic floor muscles that make everything function correctly, but people don’t think about this because the muscles aren’t visible like other muscles. Many don’t even realise they have these muscles and what their function is.

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