Get Hair Back! – Tips to Stop Going Bald

BaldLosing hair can be every man’s nightmare. Thinning hair, spotting that bald patch, watching that hairline recede virtually by the day. It’s enough to make a man want to tear his hair out!

Can anything be done to stop this process, slow it down, or somehow even reverse hair loss without the need for expensive and invasive hair transplant surgery?

It’s time to get that hair back and stop going bald.


What Causes Hair Loss?

Hair loss of any kind is known as ‘alopecia’. The average adult scalp has around 100,000 – 150,000 hairs on it at any given time and loses roughly 100 hairs per day. This is a normal hair-shedding cycle. Hair is made up of the keratin protein. As new hair cells are formed in the follicle, old hair cells (dead keratin) are pushed out through the skin and this is the hair we see.

The exact cause of hair loss is not completely understood, but there are a number of things that can contribute to the condition:

  • Hereditary (family history of baldness)
  • Hormone changes (changes in testosterone levels)
  • Medications (such as steroids)
  • Radiation therapy or chemotherapy
  • Medical conditions (such as scalp infections)
  • Old age (unfortunately everything deteriorates with age)

The most common cause of baldness by far – comprising some 90% of cases – is due to a condition known as androgenetic alopecia (AGA). This condition doesn’t just affect men, either. Women suffer AGA as well. Basically AGA inhibits the normal 3 phase growth cycle of hair, causing the follicles to shrink as we age. Hair then starts to grow more abnormally and erratically, producing patchy, shorter and finer hair. Eventually the hair falls out and never returns.


Hair Growth Cycle

Hair Growth Cycle


Scalp Massage

As with any kind of massage, massaging the scalp will increase blood flow to the area, delivering vital nutrients that feed the hair follicles and keep the hair healthy. Kneading the scalp warms the skin, which in turn increases the flow of blood. The roots of the hairs can also be strengthened by massaging. A scalp massage will also drastically reduce stress levels, allowing the body to function at a more optimum capacity, further adding to the likelihood of maintaining a healthy head of hair. The application of a nourishing oil specifically designed for treating hair loss during the massage will contribute to the regeneration of the hair follicles; or at least slow down the process of thinning and shedding hair. These oils and medications condition the scalp, feed nutrients to the roots, hair follicles, and further strengthen the root of the hair. This will also reduce the chances of the hair becoming brittle and breaking off.


Use Quality Shampoo and Conditioner

Washing your hair with products of a poor quality will not necessarily send you bald, but they can add to the condition of thinning hair. A low quality shampoo can dry out the hair, making it brittle enough to break off. Inferior hair products are also less likely to feed important nutrients to the hair follicle or the hair itself. Some contain harsh chemicals which can be really damaging for both the hair and scalp. So why take the risk?

Price isn’t the be all and end all of whether a shampoo or conditioner is of good quality. What’s important is the ingredients and a product’s reputation for being high quality. There are also some specialist hair shampoos, conditioners and hair regrowth products on the market that can aid in the slowing of hair loss and, in some cases, help lost hair to regenerate if the hair follicles are still alive. A lot of research and science has gone into these products to produce optimum results. As with anything specialised, they are more expensive than regular shampoos and conditioners, but if you are really suffering a hair loss problem, they are certainly worth looking into.


From the Inside Out

We’ve all heard the cliché “we are what we eat”. The same goes for healthy hair. While we may not be able to stop the aging process and fight hereditary hair loss, we can do our best to combat the condition and slow it down.

  • Drink plenty of waterDrink Water
  • Eat foods rich in protein
  • Dairy products
  • Milk
  • Nuts and beans
  • Fish oil
  • Coconut milk
  • Orange fruits and vegetables

Foods specifically rich in keratin, or promote keratin production in the body are:

  • Carrots
  • Mango
  • Sweet potato
  • Cantaloupe
  • Spinach
  • Squash
  • Broccoli
  • Turkey and chicken


Other Useful Tips

  1. Get regular haircuts to remove split ends
  2. Avoid pony tails and anything that pulls the hair tight (if you have long hair)
  3. Use a quality hair brush
  4. Don’t over-wash your hair
  5. Avoid using hair dyes and bleaching
  6. Use a deep conditioner once a week
  7. Try making up a mix of whisked eggs and castor oil and applying it to the hair fortnightly. Both of these ingredients are great for the promotion of hair growth.
  8. Take Vitamin B Complex supplements
  9. Consume collagen powder or gelatin products





  1. RichardRichard
    October 31, 2015    

    This is an excellent explanation of hair loss and why it happens! I am in the “hair loss club”, so to speak. I have used products similiar to rogaine over the last year and a half. I do believe my hair on the top of my head has filled in more. I plan to continue treatments. I love your tip about massaging the scalp. It makes a lot of sense and I plan to add this to my daily regamine.

    Do you have any products you could recommend for hair restoration. I appreciate a great deal the advice you offer to ones like myself. My wife tells me I look fine with very little hair, but I guess it’s vanity, because I still want to try to do what I can to help my situation. Thanks again, Richard

    • October 31, 2015    

      Hi Richard and thanks for reading. Glad you found my post to be helpful. Apparently the massage is one of the best things you can do to stimulate hair growth. It’s not guaranteed to work, but sure worth a try. It’ll be relaxing at the very least (if someone else does the massage).

      There is a product by DS Laboratories which gets a few positive reviews on the internet. It’s called Spectral DNC-S and you can check it out here:

      Hope this helps.

  2. DerekDerek
    January 19, 2016    

    There is some great information here!

    I like the way you explained the process that we may understand a bit more clearly on how hair is developed in our body.

    I also like that you gave good recommendations on how to help either regain or prevent hair loss.

    You stated in one of the tips to not over wash your hair. What exactly do you mean by that? Is washing your hair daily going to lead to more frequent hair loss?

    • January 19, 2016    

      Hi Derek. Washing your hair too much can lead to it drying out and ultimately breaking off. While it’s not so much something that will make you bald, if too many hairs break off It will lead to thinning hair.

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