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In this day and age we’re constantly hearing about things like high blood pressure and cholesterol levels, and how we should strive to keep then at a normal level. The good thing about blood pressure is you can keep an eye on it in the comfort of your own home. With modern technology making devices like home blood pressure monitors easily affordable, there is no need for regular trips to the doctor just to keep tabs on this one facet of our health.

In this post we’ll take a look at some of the bestselling  home blood pressure monitors for sale on Amazon. These will vary in price and popularity and we’ll get a brief overview of what each one offers.


~ Blood Pressure Monitor Reviews ~


Omron 10 Series (BP786) Blood Pressure Monitor

As of this writing this particular home blood pressure monitor is the Number 1 bestseller on Amazon for blood pressure monitors. It also happens to be very affordably priced. This model is equipped with Bluetooth so you can wirelessly connect to your online dashboard and keeps an eye on your blood pressure readings over time. This monitor takes three consecutive readings one minute apart then gives you the average of all three for more accurate results. It’s also compatible with devices that operate on Android and IOS systems. There are apps you can download to your smartphone so you can view your results anywhere, anytime. It has an easy to read backlit screen, comfortable adjustable upper arm strap and is rated number one for home use by doctors and pharmacists.


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Withings Wireless Blood Pressure Monitor

This one is wireless and uses Bluetooth to communicate with either your IOS or Android device. All the information output and recordings of results are displayed on your device of choice rather than having an inbuilt monitor station like the Omron above. It’s about double the price of the Omron BP786, but still one of the bestsellers on Amazon. It matches your results against those of the National health Institute standards, so you know whether your blood pressure is in a good range, or too high or low. You can even share your results with your doctor directly from the app.


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LifeSource Blood Pressure Monitor

One of the advantages of this particular model is the extra large arm cuff for taking the readings. It accommodates even the thickest of upper arms. The average rating for this product on Amazon is quite high, so there are many happy customers who purchased the LifeSource model. The cuff has a high speed motor for quick and accurate blood pressure readings. The display is large and easy to read and quite a good model for the price tag. It keeps track of your past readings inside the device itself and stores up to 60 previous entries in memory.


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Omron HEM 907XL IntelliSense Professional Digital Blood Pressure Monitor

The price goes up considerably on this Omron model because it’s more of a professional device, but still designed for home use. It comes with automatic cup inflation and deflation when doing the readings. It also has four arm cuffs in different sizes ranging from Small to Extra Large. This model is probably the most accurate in the extensive Omron range and is suitable to be used in a doctor’s surgery or hospital. It might be overkill for home use, but I thought it was worth mentioning in this list for anyone who might want to consider a professional blood pressure monitor for their home.


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Health Gurus Professional Blood Pressure Monitor

With a backlit LCD display and a one-size-fits-all arm cuff, this budget model by Health Gurus is affordable for everyone. It has received glowing reviews from happy customers on Amazon, so even though it’s cheap, it does the job accurately enough for most home users who want to regularly monitor their blood pressure. It’s very simple to use and stores up to 60 previous results within the device itself. It comes with a nylon storage case and the arm band fits sizes from Extra Small to Extra Extra Large. At such a low price for a blood pressure monitor that works well, there’s really no reason not to buy this model.


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To Sum Up

So there you have a brief overview of 5 popular models of home blood pressure monitors for sale on Amazon. While many of you probably aren’t interested in a professional monitor, all the rest are so reasonably priced that monitoring blood pressure at home is affordable for all.




  1. JamesetJameset
    November 2, 2015    

    I would say you have nailed the blood pressure issues of today, and how people are well informed. There is no reason why people shouldn’t stay on top of it.
    I did notice when I put my mouse over the picture of the different test equipment for blood pressure….you didn’t link the picture. When you go to edit…click on the picture to add link. You find old men like me like to click on the picture, and go right to that item.
    Good Luck, nice site I loved the information.

    • November 2, 2015    

      Thanks for your comments and suggestions, and for reading my post. You are right, I should link to the pictures.

  2. StanleyStanley
    December 3, 2015    

    It is nice to know that we can keep track of our blood pressure via our smart phones. How I wish iPhones will be able to provide similar function besides Android as i am a Apple fan. Overall, I learn from your article that measuring blood pressure result can be done wirelessly and over a period we can see how our body performs over a certain period.

    • December 3, 2015    

      Yeah, their handy home devices, especially the Bluetooth one. As far as I know a couple of the models mentioned work with iPhone.

  3. JuliaJulia
    April 2, 2016    

    Increased blood pressure is certainly a looming problem for many people today. Great job on reviewing the blood pressure monitors. It contains a lot of important information for so many. I love that there are bp monitors that connect via Bluetooth so a person can monitor his/her blood pressure from a dashboard. The technology today is amazing.

    • April 2, 2016    

      Technology today certainly is amazing. You can virtually be your own GP or nurse yourself at home these days, at least on a monitoring level. Thanks for reading.

  4. StellaStella
    April 12, 2016    

    This is a very informative and comprehensive post. It provides lots of options. I have an older model with a cuff that you wrap around. I had to use it when I was anemic and my BP would bottom out. It isn’t always high BP that needs to be monitored. I really like the smaller gadgets that connect to things like Bluetooth. Are the smaller digital models as accurate as a full wrap around cuff?

    • April 13, 2016    

      There are some great models out there these days at pretty good prices and apparently quite accurate. Good enough to keep an eye on blood pressure levels so you know if you might need a visit to the GP. Thanks for reading.

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