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White Cloud Electronic Cigarettes ClearDraw2 Cartridges


White Cloud Electronic Cigarette Review


Puffing On EcigI’m not advocating that electronic cigarettes are a healthy alternative to their tobacco counterparts, or that they’re even a way to quit smoking, but they definitely do have some positive benefits as compared to regular cigarettes.

I’ve used a number of brands of electronic cigarette over the past few years, and the best one I’ve come across is the White Cloud brand.


What Are Electronic Cigarettes?

For those of you who don’t know what an electronic cigarette is, I’ll explain it here.

Instead of using combustion to burn tobacco, electronic cigarettes (or eCigs) use electricity from a battery to trigger an atomiser. This atomiser heats a liquid (or eJuice) and turns it into a vapour to be inhaled. The action of puffing on an ecig and inhaling is much the same as a real cigarette, except nothing is burning and there is no smoke.

Electronic cigarettes do not contain tobacco. The liquid is eCigs may or may not contain nicotine, depending on which type you choose.

Electronic Cigarette PartsFor convenience of use, most eCig companies manufacture what is called a cartomiser. This device is roughly the same size as a regular cigarette butt. Inside the cartomiser is the liquid and the atomiser that heats the liquid. A long, thin battery  (resembling the stem of a cigarette), is attached to the cartomiser to provide the power. The user draws slowly on the eCig. This action ignites the cartomiser and causes it to turn the liquid into a vapour. The user inhales the vapour as if it’s smoke. When the cartomiser is empty, it is simply unscrewed from the battery, tossed into the trash and replaced with a fresh one.

Other manufacturers of electronic cigarettes have refillable cartridges, where the user can buy a variety of liquids to fill their own cartridges. This works out cheaper than buying prefilled cartomisers, but is not as convenient.


Are Electronic Cigarettes Safe?

By law I’m not allowed to state that they’re safe, or even healthier than regular tobacco cigarettes. The reason for this is that the governments of most countries feel that there isn’t yet enough data and research into the long-term effects of ecigarettes to make statements one way or the other. The product is too new in comparison to tobacco products, where there is much research and evidence to show they are bad for your health.

What I can do, though, is offer you some insights from my own experiences, as well as tell you some things that are facts.

Tobacco cigarettes create poisonous carbon monoxide. Because eCigs don’t use a combustion process and nothing is being burned, there is no carbon monoxide.

Tobacco smokers will often feel short of breath when doing physical activity; especially if they’ve just had a cigarette. This doesn’t happen with eCigs. I’ve smoked tobacco cigarettes in the past and I use eCigs now, so I’m qualified to make a statement on this. Electronic cigarettes have never left me feeling breathless, or light-headed. Nor do they suck up my energy supplies.

Tobacco cigarettes produce tar, which then goes into the lungs and the bloodstream. eCigs have no tar or any other type of residue. It’s just a vapour, like when you boil water and it turns into steam.

With regular tobacco cigarettes, the smoke that carries the nicotine is more dangerous than the nicotine itself.


The Good Points About White Cloud Electronic Cigarettes

  • TickNo smoke
  • No smell
  • Doesn’t stain fingers
  • No ash or dirty ashtrays
  • Doesn’t make your breath smell
  • No passive smoking
  • No risk of burning anything
  • No matches or lighter required
  • Doesn’t make you short of breath
  • Simulates having a real cigarette
  • Many flavours to choose from
  • Many nicotine levels to choose from
  • Offer cartomisers in all flavours with no nicotine
  • Great customer service
  • Fast worldwide delivery to most countries
  • Made in the USA


White Cloud Electronic Cigarette Ingredients

The flavours of White Clouds eCigs meet all the food grade standards regarding ingredients, processing, packaging and transportation in accordance with governing bodies such as America’s FDA.

Propylene Glycol (PG): This is a food product. It is used in electronic cigarettes as the carrier of nicotine and flavours, producing a vapour to be inhaled and exhaled. There is no scientific evidence to suggest any harmful effects from using propylene glycol in this manner.

Vegetable Glycerol (VG): This is a plant-based carbohydrate. It is also used to create a vapour. PG and VG are used in varying amounts to produce different flavour strengths and vapour strengths. The FDA has generally recognised both PG and VG as safe, as both are often found in food products.

Nicotine: Nicotine is a natural alkaloid found in a number of plants, but more concentrated forms are derived from the tobacco plant. The nicotine used to produce the White Cloud brand is not synthetic, but natural nicotine. Nicotine (like caffeine) is a stimulant and addictive. Nicotine actually works as both a mild stimulant and a relaxant. It’s one of the reasons smokers enjoy smoking. While nicotine in small doses is not that dangerous, it can be toxic if consumed in large doses.

*Just to restate, you can buy eCigs without nicotine, but many do contain nicotine in varying strengths.

Flavourings: White Smoke have a wide variety of flavours, which I’ll cover below. All flavourings used are of food grade standards.


White Cloud Flavours 

Available Flavours

There are a lot of flavours to choose from, and new ones are being added regularly. However, the most popular flavours are the ones that resemble regular cigarettes, such as normal tobacco flavour and menthol.

  • Regular – Tobacco flavour
  • Apache – Tobacco flavour
  • Bora Bora – Spicy tobacco flavour
  • Menthol – Tobacco and menthol flavour
  • Zero K – Peppermint flavour
  • Iced Berry – Sweet berry flavour
  • Snap – Chocolate and mint flavour
  • Cinnamon – Hot, spicy cinnamon flavour
  • Kick – Honey and cinnamon flavour
  • Vanilla –  Vanilla and tobacco flavour
  • Espresso – Coffee flavour
  • Strawberry – Sweet strawberry flavour
  • Lime & Coconut – Summery lime and coconut flavour
  • Bad Apple – Green apple flavour
  • Peach Pit – Sweet peach flavour
  • Chocolate –Decadent chocolate flavour
  • Clove – Indonesian clove flavour


Types of Cartridges

White Cloud offer some variety when it comes to cartridges, even offering a disposable type of eCig. Let’s take a look at the options.

ClearDraw Cartridge: This is their original type of cartomiser and it utilises cotton wadding to hold the liquid. There is a window so you can monitor how much liquid is left in the cartridge.

ClearDraw 2 Cartridge: White Cloud’s latest innovation. This cartomiser doesn’t use cotton wadding. It is longer, holding more liquid, and is also equipped with a window to monitor liquid levels.

InvisiVapor: These come in both ClearDraw and ClearDraw 2 varieties. The advantage of these cartridges is they produce virtually no visible vapour, but yet still offering the same satisfying results. These are more discreet, making it less obvious that you are puffing on an eCig device.

Fling: The disposable variety, where the battery is permanently attached to a cartomiser, designed to be discarded when the cartridge is empty.


Nicotine Strengths

Most cartridges and flavours come in the following strengths:

  • Double Extra Strength
  • Extra Strength
  • Full Strength
  • Light Strength
  • Ultra Light Strength
  • Nicotine-Free


Starter Kits and Accessories

White Cloud Cirrus 2 Electronic Cigarette Starter Kit

I could spend pages detailing all the various kits and accessories in the White Cloud range of products, but it would just be easier for you to go to their website and check them out. Needless to say they have many options to get started, with a variety of starter kits to suit any budget. And if you ever need more batteries or chargers, cases or cartridges, their is a nice selection and they are always in stock.



Their prices are more expensive than some other electronic cigarette brands.

It’s not yet known whether eCigs are safe to use with regards to your health.

If you use the nicotine cartridges you remain addicted to nicotine.


My Personal Stance On Electronic Cigarettes

I’m not going to state that eCigs are good for your health whereas tobacco cigarettes are not, but in my personal experience they certainly seem a lot better than smoking real cigarettes. If you’re going to puff on something, I say it’s better to use an eCig than a tobacco cigarette, but that’s just my opinion based on experience, not facts and scientific or medical research.


Why I Recommend White Cloud Electronic Cigarettes

White Cloud Electronic CigarettesAs I mentioned earlier I’ve used a number of other eCig brands and have now settled on White Cloud as my brand of choice. Others I have used include Green Smoke, The SafeCig and V2 Cigs. I found Green Smoke and V2 very similar. I didn’t like their flavours, and the way the eCigs operated was unsatisfactory in my opinion. Very hard to draw on. The SafeCig was good for a while, good flavours and easy to use, but they became very unreliable and eventually disappeared.

White Cloud are more expensive than some other brands, and I haven’t tried every brand on the market, but everything about White Cloud meets my needs.

  1. Their customer service is first class and always quick to respond if you have a query of any kind.
  2. They process orders and ship them usually within 24 hours of ordering, and international post arrives within about 4 days. Very fast.
  3. Their products are always in stock.
  4. The flavours are great and the cartridges are easy to use and extremely reliable.
  5. Their products are of the highest quality and very well made.
  6. The company often runs special promotions and discount coupons.
  7. White Cloud has a very informative website. They don’t just sell their products, they also offer great information on how the eCig process works, as well as loads of other great information.
  8. They are always innovating, creating new products and flavours, and well as keeping their customers in the loop with regular email updates and newsletters.

And the bottom line: I like dealing with them and I trust them.

Do yourself a favour, go to their website and have a good look around. If you’re interested in using eCigs instead of smoking tobacco products, I guarantee you won’t be disappointed with this company.

White Cloud Electronic Cigarettes ClearDraw2 Cartridges




  1. MelindaHMelindaH
    November 2, 2015    

    I smoked years ago. I finally ended up quitting, but it was a long hard road. I quit way before e-cigs were even thought about. My cousin uses them. I’m not sure if she uses the White Cloud Electronic Cigarette, but said they work for her. She said she didn’t know if they were better for her not, but she feels better.
    ~ Melinda

    • November 2, 2015    

      As far as being better for your health is concerned, there hasn’t actually been enough research done on them, nor has there been enough time. I’m not even allowed to say in my post that they better for your health. I use them, and I’ve smoked before, and all I cans ay is they are nothing like cigarettes, they have no smell and they don’t leave you short of breath. Unofficially I’d suggest they are better for a person’s health than smoking cigarettes.

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