Scents That Turn Men On!

Perfume WomanJust about all of us like to smell nice. Whether we’re female or male we desire to be appealing to the opposite sex in every way possible. The scent of smell can have just as powerful effect on our hormones and psyche as any visual appeal.

When it comes to smelling desirable, women all know they can achieve this with a few sprays of their favourite perfume. But did you know that there are other scents that attract men  – more natural scents – that can lure a man and make him crazy for you?

In this post we’ll take a look at a few alternative scents that turn men on.



There are many smells that attract men, but one of the most potent ones is vanilla.

For some mysterious reason this is one of the most alluring fragrances for men. Vanilla smells nice to most of us, but its fragrance is also said to be a powerful aphrodisiac; enhancing the libido and even lowering stress levels. Dab some pure vanilla on your neck when you’re out and about and see how many compliments you get. There are some celebrities who absolutely swear by it. Apart from its powers to attract men, it’ll also relax you by reducing your stress levels as well, so it’s definitely a win-win.



Mint LeavesPerhaps not one you will apply to your body (although you could try it). We are all aware that nice fresh breath is appealing, and mint is the best way to achieve this. After all, there must be some reason why all toothpaste manufacturers use it in their products. There is more to it than just having nice smelling breath, though. Like vanilla, there is something extremely alluring about the fragrance of peppermint. Just having regular, neutral smelling breath is one thing, but when confronted with that delicious minty freshness when close to a woman, it’s enough to drive a man wild with desire for her. Imagine having one of those intimate conversations where your face is close to his. Your breath is fresh and minty, and you know every word you speak is just making his hormones race through his veins.



Commonly found in fragrances manufactured for both men and women, perfume makers use this scent because it works. But why always mask it with other fragrances in a perfume? Why not go for the full-blown sandalwood fragrance explosion?

There are two ways you can do this using the exact same product. Buy some aromatic sandalwood oil and permeate the house with it. Use one of those special candle holders designed for these oils and burn a candle under it. The second method is to dab the oil directly on the skin of the neck and your wrists. Combine both methods and he’ll be putty in your hands.



This is another scent that is known to have relaxing properties and is used in many fragrances. While it’s not a favourite with every woman, men are known to respond very positively to this scent. When a man feels relaxed in your company, his enhanced mood will naturally lend itself to romance. Something about the smell of lavender makes a man feel comfortable and secure in your presence. Use this one to your seductive advantage.



While you are not likely to smear chocolate all over your skin before hitting the town, there are many fun things you can do with chocolate in the privacy of your own home. Not only does the taste of chocolate do something to the hormones of both men and women, there is also something about the smell of chocolate that makes men hungry for you. And I don’t just mean hungry for the chocolate covering your body. Play around with some chocolate. Let your imagination run wild and have loads of sensual fun.




Apples, whether red or green, give of a very fresh and juicy aroma. Men adore the smell of apples on a woman. Maybe you have just eaten an apple, or washed your hair with an apple-scented shampoo. It smells beautiful, it smells fresh and it smells very feminine. Men love the promise of something juicy, so the scent of apples will certainly put his imagination into top gear.



Not every guy loves the smell of musk (especially in perfumes), but there is something about the scent of musk that attracts men. Something about it just says ‘sex’ like virtually no other scent does. The great thing about musk is you can both apply it to your body in the form of a fragrance, and you can also eat it to give your breath that alluring musky aroma that will have the guys lining up to talk to you.


Citrus Fruits

CitrusYes, men get aroused by the aroma of citrus fruits. Maybe not when faced with a bowl of fruit salad, but when you come out of the bathroom smelling of oranges and lemons it’s gonna literally drive him wild with desire for you. There are many shampoos and body washes that are fragranced with a citrus scent. Even dabbing some fresh orange juice onto the skin will leave you smelling great. Perhaps a little sticky, but you will smell awesome.



The smell of jasmine is somewhat of a favourite among men. With a subtle floral fragrance that is never overpowering, it’s a scent that promises both seduction and romance. Men like it because it smells very feminine, but it’s not a fragrance that dominates everything else. Some scents are just a little too strong. Jasmine has the perfect balance of femininity mixed with subtlety.



Men absolutely love the smell of coconut on a woman! Rarely will you find a man who doesn’t respond favourably to a coconut scent. A great way to get yourself smelling of this alluring fragrance is to either wash your hair in a coconut shampoo, or apply a cream containing coconut to your skin. You can even try straight coconut milk. It’s a fantastic natural moisturiser that is vitamin-rich and is perfect for giving your skin a healthy glow.

Another reason men like the smell of coconut on a woman is it reminds them of good times, vacations in the sun, times of relaxation and fun. It’s also delicious to eat, so if you smell like coconut your man might just be tempted to eat you!



If you want to seem younger to the opposite sex, then douse yourself in the scent of pink grapefruit. Men generally consider the smell of grapefruit gives a woman a more fresh and youthful presence. Pink grapefruit is often found in perfumes, shampoos, body washes and moisturisers, so seem younger by taking advantage of this wonderful fruity fragrance.



CinnamonA spicy, vibrant scent that really gets a man going. Men always respond positively to pleasant food aromas, so why not wear them if they work well as a form of perfume. Known as an aphrodisiac, you’re not restricted to just wearing a cinnamon scent, either. Some cinnamon sticks placed strategically around the home will also give off a very alluring fragrance that will render you the object of his every desire.



The most obvious one of all. Give some of the other suggestions a try and see what the results are like. I’m sure you will have fun with them. Treat it like an experiment. If all else fails you can always go back to your favourite bottle of perfume, or perhaps even try a new one.




  1. G.C.HortonG.C.Horton
    November 5, 2015    

    My two favorite scents on a woman are vanilla and lavender. Both scents are relaxing and I think this plants a message in my brain that the person wearing the scent is a safe person to be with.

    Many of the perfume scents are too harsh. It’s as if they scream for attention. Also, some of the commercial scents remind me of my mother. That’s not a good thing.

    • November 5, 2015    

      Yes, you don’t want your woman’s perfume to remind you of your mother hehe. Saying that vanilla and lavender give you the sense that you are with a safe person is an interesting perspective. I agree, many perfumes smell like they are screaming for attention and trying too hard.

  2. MariaMaria
    March 1, 2016    

    Sometimes I really think it’s worth investigating smells for a while before buying so you can really find something nice. But then you were suggesting experimenting and that’s a good idea too. I will keep these ideas in mind for future experimentation! I particularly like vanilla and lavender and citrusy smells.

    • March 1, 2016    

      Hi Maria. Thanks for reading. One of my favourites is vanilla. Smells awesome!

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