It Started With A Kiss – Tips For Smoking Hot Sexy Lips!

Sexy Glitter LipsNo matter what age we are we all like to feel we’re attractive. Although a much smaller feature than the entire face or body, lips are very sensual and appealing. Often when someone is speaking to us we’ll look at their mouth almost as often as we look at their eyes. It’s just the way it is.

But what if we’re not born with voluptuous lips like Angelina Jolie? How can we enhance the look of our lips and mouths?

Of course there is plenty of fantastic make up on the market to give your lips that plump, kissable and very sexy look, but what other ways are there to achieve smoking hot sexy lips?

Let’s look at some.


The Soft Toothbrush Method

Don’t use a hard brush for this and don’t use an electric toothbrush. Use a soft brush, or a brush that has been used a lot so it has become soft.

First dampen your lips with water and gently run the brush over them in a circular motion. This will exfoliate dry lips as well as bring more natural colour to the surface. If your lips are really dry, repeat the process until they have a smooth, polished feel to them. When you’re done, coat them in a lip gloss or chap stick to keep them moist.


Create A Homemade Lip Scrub

With anything you do with your lips you want to make it gentle. We all know how sensitive our lips are.

Honey for LipsSugar and Honey:

Try making a scrub out of sugar and honey. The honey will nourish the lips while the sugar will act as an exfoliator. Mix the ingredients together and apply to the lips with your fingertip. As with the toothbrush method, gently massage the scrub into the lips using a circular motion. This will enhance that smooth, plump look as well as making your lips sexy sweet.

Baking Soda and Olive Oil:

Sounds like a weird mix, and it is, but it works wonders for your lips.

Baking soda has extremely fine exfoliating properties and will leave your lips feeling like they’ve just been polished or buffed, whereas the olive oil is fantastic for hydrating, nourishing and moisturising dry and lifeless lips. Give it a try by mixing the two together and applying it to your lips with the tip of your finger.


Sun Protection

Although some sunlight is necessary for the body to synthesize important Vitamin D supplies, too much sun is obviously harsh for the skin, and even more so for sensitive lips. Sunburnt lips will flake and peel and go discoloured, and lips are also more sensitive to developing skin cancers. So, whenever you are venturing out into the sun, always either apply sunscreen to the lips, or use some sort of lip balm that contains a sunscreen.

I realise this is common sense, but I thought it worth mentioning here as sometimes we simply forget.


Moisturise Every Day And Add Vitamin C

Most of us probably moisturise every day, but make sure you don’t forget about your lips. Use a specialist lip moisturiser, one that’s been designed just for lips. Your lips deserve special treatment.

Also, try to regularly apply Vitamin C direct to your lips in the form of a citrus juice (either orange or lemon). Vitamin C is what promotes the growth of collagen, which is the substance that makes your skin firm, tight and elastic. This is just as important for lips as it is for the rest of the face. It will help keep your lips looking firm and youthful, as well as helping to prevent those fine lines around the mouth that develop as we age.


It’s All About The Right Colours For You

Red LipsWith so many lipstick colours to choose from, as well as lip balms, lip gloss and everything else, it can get confusing about what colour to use. Not every colour is going to suit you; your complexion, your features, or the shape and size of your lips and mouth.

Just like dark colours can make your body appear slimmer, the same can be said for lipstick colour. Black lipstick will tend to make your lips look thinner. Black reflects less light and shine, and often it is the way the light plays on your mouth that can make your lips look a nicer shape and appear more plump.

You also want to choose colours that really suit you and enhance your appearance, not stand out so much that your lips actually detract from the way you look. The only real way to achieve this is to experiment with different shades and ask for an unbiased opinion from those around you.

To really make your lips pop, always add a layer of lip gloss after you have applied the lipstick.


Drink Lots Of Water

This is an obvious one, as drinking water is healthy for everything to do with your face and body. Water will keep your lips plump and hydrated, as well as enhancing their natural colour and healthy glow.


Plump Up Your Lips Naturally

Unless you are prepared to get Botox or collagen injections for your lips, it’s very difficult to really make smaller, thinner lips look really plump and voluptuous. However, there is a method that can help plump them up a little naturally.

Adding colour and volume is all about increasing the flow of blood to the lips. This stimulation can be achieved by a combination of massaging the lips and enhancing that flow of blow with stimulants such as pepper, chilli, cinnamon and ginger. Combine at least 2 of these ingredients with a dash of olive oil and massage into the lips for at least five minutes per session. It’s a good method to generate a bit of plump and colour just before you go out.


LipstickAnd Of Course There Is Make Up

There are so many different make up products designed just for lips out there. Also, the various methods of application will make a difference to how your lips look as well. This post has been about some natural ways you can enhance your lips and keep them healthy, rather than a study of make ups and application methods.

Check out this link for some great videos on lipstick application techniques.


Lip Augmentation

This is the process of either having injections, or cosmetic surgery to enhance your lips, making them fuller and more shapely. We are not covering these procedures in this post, so if this is something you are considering, then check out WebMD for some good information on lip augmentation.


Things To Avoid For Healthier Lips

  • Too much sun exposure
  • Smoking cigarettes
  • Overindulgence in alcohol
  • Excessive use of make up
  • Washing the face with harsh soaps
  • Poor diet
  • Dehydration
  • Unprotected lips on a windy or cold day




  1. AnteAnte
    November 5, 2015    

    Great article you have there and a dangerous one because when women listen to suggestions that are listed in this article they will become even prettier and lots of guys will lose their heads to them.

    I had difficulty reading the whole article because of the pictures of the attractive girls lips.

    Anyways a great article which will I am sure benefit many female readers of your site.



    • November 5, 2015    

      Thanks for reading, Ante. Yeah I tried to choose some pics with very sexy lips. It probably is distracting from the actual text, but so long as the general message comes across 🙂

  2. SheenaSheena
    February 4, 2016    

    I loved this post. I had never heard of using a soft toothbrush to exfoliate the lips. I also want to learn how put on makeup, as I am not very experienced. Even though the tips seem to be common sense, a reminder is always beneficial. I also have been warned about lipstick that has chemicals so the natural lip balm recipe is helpful.

    • February 4, 2016    

      Hi Sheena. Glad you liked the post. Cheers.

  3. GinaGina
    February 24, 2016    

    I never liked my lips because they are pretty thin. I used to try plumping lip glosses when I was younger but I just gave up. I do exfoliate my lips with my toothbrush though. And when I use matte lipstick they look nice.
    I bite my lips all the time so get get really dry so I try to use chap sticks.

    • February 24, 2016    

      Exfoliating with the toothbrush is supposed to work quite well. How has it worked out for you? Did you see an improvement?

  4. GarethGareth
    January 13, 2017    

    Some really good tips and a dive on your site. My wife suffers from dry lips, and it can get really painful in the winter.
    Loved the article very interesting my wife wanted your opinion on aloevera plant, would the sap from this be any good for your lips?
    She is going to start to use your routine straight away, so it will be the end of all those sore lips?
    I will bookmark this for the future reference

    • January 13, 2017    

      Thanks for reading Gareth. I think Aloe Vera would be really good for dry lips. It’s an amazing healing agent as well as a natural moisturiser.

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