HSI Professional Ceramic Tourmaline Ionic Flat Iron Hair Straightener Review

HSI Professional Digital Ceramic Tourmaline Ionic Flat Iron Hair Straightener with Glove, Pouch and Argan Oil Treatment, Pink


Where To Buy: www.amazon.com

Warranty: 1 Year

Our Rating: 9/10



~ HSI Professional Ceramic Tourmaline Ionic Flat Iron Hair Straightener Review ~



This particular model did have a higher price tag than many straighteners, but has since been reduced. However, it still delivers quality for that price.

On Amazon at the moment the HSI Professional is rating almost 4.5 stars from more than 1500 happy customers who took the time to post a review; so that’s saying something. It’s actually a lot of ratings for a product like this that happens to be priced over the two hundred dollar mark.

There are two colour options with this model:

  1. Pink
  2. Black

For some reason the black model is slightly cheaper. I’m not sure why that is as both colours seem to be exactly the same configuration and come with the same accessories, which includes a glove, pouch and Argan Oil Treatment for hair nourishment. Anyway, for the sake of this review we’ll be looking at the model that comes in hot pink.

Using a ceramic ionic hair straightening system, the HSI Professional does a fantastic job of getting frizzy hair dead straight within minutes. Even though hairstyle trends vary and come and go, I doubt very much whether beautiful straight hair will ever go out of fashion. Straight hair has been around since the dawn of time. It’s an evergreen hairstyle that’ll always be trendy.



What Are The Benefits And Features?

  • This model has 100% pure ceramic tourmaline plates that use advanced infrared heat technology. The ceramic surface both gives a very even heat coverage and well as allowing the iron to slide effortlessly over the hair.
  • With their curved edges the plates are perfect for straightening hair as well as using it as a hair curler and for flipping hair.
  • The digital LCD readout gives you perfect temperature control, styling your hair with just the right amount of heat to suit your hair type and enabling you to achieve the desired results. Temperature can be adjusted from 240F – 450F (115C – 232C).
  • The kit includes a free heat glove so you don’t burn your hand when using the straightener. There is also a heat-proof carry pouch and a bottle of Argan Oil leave-in conditioner to nourish your hair after straightening.
  • With the variable heat settings you can either take your time, or crank up the power and straighten that hair within mere minutes!
  • With dual voltage it can be used anywhere in the world without a problem and also has an auto shut off feature as a safety precaution in case you forget to turn it off.


The Cons

  • Some people have reported the temperature dropping whilst using it.
  • Digital display on the inside can be hard to read.


Price, Warranty and Shipping

Currently the price for the HSI Digital Professional is reduced, so check on Amazon. How long this great new price drop will last, nobody knows, so get in quick while it's cheap!

It is covered by a one year manufacturer’s warranty and there is free shipping to any address within the United States.



This is a hell of a quality straightener for the price and one that lasts a long time. Some cheaper straighteners burn out after 6-12 months use. Not only does the HSI Digital Professional give quick and superior results, it will also last you for years and years, even with every day use.


Click here to go to Amazon and have a look, read some reviews

and see if it’s the right straightener for you.




  1. PattiPatti
    November 30, 2015    

    Nice job. Your site looks great, very professional. Your content really engages the reader. You might want to put all your product reviews on one page. I would suggest setting your links to open in new tabs or windows, keeping your readers on your page. Some of the ads don’t relate to the content of the page they are on. Overall your site works well and is very informative.
    Best Regards,

    • November 30, 2015    

      Hi Patti. Thanks for your review and comments on my site. Much appreciated.

      Just wondering if you had any thoughts on the actual review of the HSI Hair Straightener?

  2. SylviaSylvia
    November 30, 2015    

    I read your product description carefully and I am on the fence with buying a hair straightener.

    First, I already have straight hair from birth, and so far I like the possibility to curl my hair with it too. I also love the color Pink, and I am pretty sure because of it, this is the reason why it does cost more than the black version.

    Secondly, and this may be a bit out of order, but with my straight, clinchy hair, would it be possible that my hair, by using this hair straightener will be and look less clinchy?

    I read once about it, but didn’t paid much attention back then. Perhaps I might be wrong, would appreciate if you could give me a tip. 🙂

    Thank you

    • November 30, 2015    

      Hi Sylvia.

      You might be right about the price being more for pink because it’s a more popular colour.

      With regards to your question about the straightener sorting out your clinchy hair, I’m not really sure what you mean by “clinchy”. Or did you mean “clingy”?

  3. jamesdannerjamesdanner
    November 30, 2015    

    My first thought when I visited your site was professional. Your site looks like it was put together by a paid builder that’s been building sites for years. That’s the look I was going for but it’s much harder than I imagined. You’ve not only provided the links for visitors to purchase, but the information to help them make the decision. I was ready to buy. Sorry, but due to lack of funds I was unable to take that leap. Have a wonderful and productive day.

    • November 30, 2015    

      Thanks James for your kind comments.

  4. envlizardenvlizard
    January 8, 2016    

    Great and informative post! It is always awesome to have as much information as possible when you are making a purchase like this because a lot of the time you are making a real investment on something that may seem so trivial. You really need to know if it is going to work or not. You don’t want to spend the money just to be disappointed. The one that you mention in your post looks like a great option because it is priced right and seems to have great reviews.

    • January 8, 2016    

      Thanks for reading and leaving your thoughts. Right now the price has been reduced by a massive $150, so a great buy.

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