How To Make Your Hair Grow Faster Naturally

How To Grow Your Hair Faster NaturallyIf you’ve always wondered how to grow your hair faster naturally, then this post is what you’ve been looking for. Here I’ve listed some simple and effective ways to grow that long, lustrous hair you’ve always dreamed of, and in record time.


Eat The Right Foods

Mixed NutsEvery kind of food offers different types of nutrients for different things, and there are definitely foods that are not only healthy for your hair, but also encourage your hair to grow more quickly.

Much of the hair (like nails) is made up of proteins, so it only stands to reason that eating protein-rich foods will help your hair grow. Opt for proteins with lots of healthy natural oils, like fish and nuts.

Keratin is another component of hair, and some foods rich in keratin include: Once again, foods rich in protein, as well as beans, whole grains, sweet potato, carrot and pumpkin. These last three vegetables are loaded with Vitamin A, which is the best for keratin production.


Trim Those Split Ends

ScissorsWhile cutting your hair may sound counter-productive, it actually enhances and promotes hair growth. You see, split ends will work their way up the strands of hair, often causing them to break mid-strand. Leaving split ends untreated will lead to shorter hair length in the long run, so get those damaged ends trimmed fairly regularly, about once every 3 months.


Don’t Wash Your Hair Every Day

Resist using shampoo every single time you shower as this will strip your hair of essential oils and nutrients that keep it healthy. It could lead to dry and damaged hair that actually starts to break, defeating the purpose of trying to grow your hair long.

Always use a good quality conditioner when you shampoo as well, to add that vital nourishment back into the hair strands.


Scalp Massage

This is a good one, and it’s a technique regularly advised to people who are losing hair. Giving yourself a scalp massage both warms up the scalp and promotes blood flow to the roots of the hairs, delivering more of those vital nutrients that keep the hair healthy and make it grow. So try giving your head a scalp massage for 5 minutes every day. Maybe you have someone around who will do it for you. It’s certainly very relaxing, even apart from helping hair to grow.


Coconut Oil and Olive Oil

Coconut, interior viewMix these two ingredients together in a bowl, and perhaps even add some eggs for added protein. Comb the mixture evenly through the hair and leave in for 20 to 30 minutes. Massage into the scalp as well, then wash out with shampoo, followed by conditioner.


Brush and Comb Regularly

I’ll ad ‘gently’ into that phrase as well. When hair is wet, work on getting the knots out of the ends of the hair first, rather than brushing or combing all the way down from the scalp. Leave that for when you have your hair knot-free. Remove the knots as gently as possible so as not to cause further damage, or worse, breakage.

Another good idea is to buy a brush made from natural bristles, as these bristles will help to distribute the natural oils in the hair.


Avoid Overdoing The Styling

Long Hair PortraitThings like using a hairdryer, a straightener, colouring your hair, bleaching your hair, perming your hair, getting streaks in your hair. All of these things are harsh on hair. I’m not suggesting never to do any of them, but even things like hair drying and the straightener, don’t use them every single day if you can avoid it. Your hair needs a break from being heated and ironed, blown about, tugged and pulled. And putting chemicals in your hair, like those found in dyes and bleaches, is really harsh on the hair strands and the follicles.


Cold Water Treatment

No, I’m not suggesting you water your scalp like you do the garden, although keeping your hair hydrated from both the inside and the outside is highly important. Cold water helps keep the hair safe from heat. It also flattens the outer layer of the hair, trapping more moisture in the hair and stopping it from drying out.

Drinking lots of water is also beneficial for the hair. Nothing worse for your hair than dehydration. Dry hair, like anything else in life, won’t grow longer. That’s just a fact.


Vitamins And Supplements

There are loads of supplements on the market today that are designed and manufactured for the sole purpose of helping your hair to grow longer, faster. Amazon has a great range at affordable prices and you can check out a good selection by clicking this link.

Hope you found the post helpful. Please leave comments below if you have anything you would like to share.




    November 17, 2015    

    Hello Sherlock77,

    Wow, I love your website!

    Super Clean! Very Organized and Neat! Very visual and colorful! Easy to read!

    And great content (interesting topic….especially for a guy that’s loosing his hair more and more each and every day…lol)!

    So does this process of “How To Make Your Hair Grow Faster Naturally” actually apply to men that are thinning out and / or beginning to bald as well??

    Oh, I had another question for you also… Who wrote this article? I didn’t see an author name anywhere. Did you write this yourself or is it by someone else? Just curious. 🙂

    I look forward to hearing back from you and I wish you a highly blessed and prosperous day!

    All The Best,

    • November 17, 2015    

      Hi Jeremy.

      Thanks for such great comments. I’m glad you like my site. This post can benefit both women and men, however I have written a post that targets men specifically:

      In answer to one of your questions, I wrote this article. So far I’ve written all of the posts on my websites, although one day I might outsource a few for variety of writing style.

      Blessings and prosperity to you too.


  2. RichardRichard
    November 17, 2015    

    These are some great ways to keep my hair healthy! I have been losing my hair slowly for several years now. As a man I always appreciate any help about ways to possibly slow down this process. I have shared this page with some of my friends.

    I liked your suggestion about doing a scalp message. I look forward to trying it out. At the very least it will feel good and hopefully help to stimulate hair growth as well.

    You have a great website with lots of helpful tips on staying younger. Thank you for providing these great ideas!

    Take care, Richard

    • November 17, 2015    

      Hi Richard,

      Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment. yes, the scalp massage is actually supposed to be one of the best things when it comes to thinning hair. At the very leats it’ll be relaxing. Thanks for taking the time to read my post. Cheers, Darren

  3. lilywonglilywong
    September 24, 2016    

    What an interesting article! Never knew we can actually do simple things like eating the right kind of food, trimming split ends and using cold water to accelerate hair growth! You mentioned supplements – what sort of vitamins help with hair growth and health? Also, does dandruff stifle the growth of hair?

    • September 24, 2016    

      I’ve never heard of dandruff stunting hair growth, but I don’t know for sure. With regards to supplements, anything that contains good amounts of the following vitamins, minerals and nutrients will help: Vitamin A, Vitamin E, Vitamin B6, Vitamin B2, Vitamin B12, Pantothenic Acid, Zinc, Iron, Copper, Biotin, Folic Acid, Lodine, Selenium, Saw Palmetto, L-Cysteine, L-Methionine, Ginkgo Biloba, Fo-Ti, MSM, Silica, Borage Oil.

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