How To Get Smooth Skin

Our bodies produce less collagen as we age, the substance that makes our skin both smooth and elastic. Wrinkles occur in the dermis layer of the skin just below the top layer, and a lack of collagen will result in the skin becoming loose, causing wrinkles to occur.

Now while we can’t completely halt or magically reverse this natural aging process, there are certainly some things we can all do – and be mindful of – to help slow it down considerably.  This article will not tackle every conceivable remedy on how to reduce facial wrinkles as the list is long. Instead it will cover a select few tips that have been known to help many people maintain younger, smoother looking skin for longer.


Lemon For Skin

Vitamin C

Research has shown that Vitamin C definitely contains properties that aid in the slowing down and reduction of wrinkles; whether on the face, hands, or any part of the body that may be affected. Studies indicate that those who have a diet high in this vitamin have noticeably less wrinkles than people whose diet is somewhat deficient. Of course, food is only one way of getting Vitamin C, with supplements obviously being another.

Applying lemon to the skin is a great source of direct Vitamin C. Being an antioxidant, this vitamin greatly enhances the skin’s ability to produce collagen. As it targets free radicals in the dermis, Vitamin C also helps keep the skin clear and bright. As an added bonus lemon is great for reducing excess oils in the skin, eliminating unwanted shine.

  Coconut Water and Coconut Oil

Drinking coconut water regularly has also been known to be good for the skin, whereas coconut oil is great for external applications as a moisturizer. It helps rehydrate the skin and contains Medium Chain Fatty Acids that are found naturally in skin oils. Coconut oil detoxes the skin, freeing it of harmful toxins that can lead to skin problems. Combining both of these on a regular basis is sure to keep you looking young and fresh.

Apply an Avocado Face Mask

An avocado face mask is easy to make and only requires half of a ripe avocado. Simply scoop out the flesh, put it in a bowl and mash into a lumpy paste with a fork or similar utensil. Add a dash of honey for dry skin, or alternately a dash of lemon for oily skin. Mix well and apply to the face and neck like you would any other type of face mask. Leave on for about fifteen to twenty minutes, then simply rinse off to leave the skin vibrant and fresh.

Avocado is chock full of Vitamin A and Vitamin E and, like Vitamin C, these two vitamins are powerful antioxidants which target free radicals to greatly encourage a supple and youthful complexion. And if you get hungry while wearing the mask you can always eat it.


Milk for skin


It’s not just healthy to drink, it’s also great for applying directly to the skin to leave it soft and smooth. The properties and oils in milk serve as a natural moisturizer. It can be easily applied with the aid of a small sponge. Simply leave on for about ten minutes (or longer if you desire), then wash off in the shower.

Milk can also make a great face mask when mixed with a fruit such as banana or papaya. Just like with the avocado mask, mash up the fruit and blend enough milk into the mix to make a nice paste. But add too much milk and the mask will just run off your face.

  Don’t Forget to Drink Water

Many of us are guilty of not drinking enough water. Sure, we consume loads of liquid on a daily basis: Coffee, tea, beer, soft drinks, juices, alcohol, milk, energy drinks. But how much pure, clean water do we really have? Nothing will age someone’s complexion quicker than dehydrated skin.

We’re told we should be drinking roughly 2 litres of water a day on average. That’s water, not including every other liquid we consume. Sometimes it can be hard to fit all that water in with everything else, so the best option is to replace some of what we drink with water instead. If you are in the habit of drinking two cups of coffee first thing in the morning, just have one cup and make the other a glass of water. The same can be done when out on the town having some drinks with friends. In between alcoholic drinks have a glass of water. Not only is it good for the skin, it also stops you getting hangovers, which are largely brought on by dehydration; especially the dreaded headaches.

  Even Amazon Can Help

Right now there is a product on Amazon which is really popular and a bestseller in Beauty. It’s called One Life Vest Organic Vitamin C Serum. As discussed above the serum utilises the benefits of Vitamin C and includes a proven anti aging ingredient called Hyaluronic Acid. Both these ingredients combined make up a powerful formula for fighting the aging process by reducing wrinkles and those annoying fine lines.

The price is reasonable, and it comes with a 30 day money back guarantee, so it's definitely worth checking out. It has loads of positive reviews.




  1. DebDeb
    November 4, 2015    

    Thanks for your informative post. I knew that coconut oil was good to use in cooking but not that it was good to use on skin externally. Your serum looks good too. I checked it out on Amazon and it is very inexpensive. I will go back when I have a little more time (through your site of course) and check it out some more. Hopefully I can get it sent to Australia, unfortunately sometimes you can’t.

    Thanks again


    • November 4, 2015    

      Great to meet a fellow Aussie, Deb. I’m in Australia too.

      Usually Amazon will ship smaller items to Australia. It’s usually just big heavy things that they won’t. Glad you enjoyed the article. Thanks for reading.

  2. KrisKris
    June 1, 2016    

    Hi guys, I love these ideas! I never thought of applying avocado directly to my face but as it contains so many great natural oils and vitamins, i might just give it a go!
    I have always used coconut water in my smoothies as well as coconut oil on my legs and arms and I love the way it smells and feels.
    I have noticed an increase in unpasteurized milk for sale in the form of ‘bath’milk’. Do you recommend this milk over normal store bought milk?
    Great advice, Kris

    • June 1, 2016    

      Hi Kris and thanks for your comments. I wouldn’t recommend drinking unpasteurised milk, but applying it to the skin can have its benefits. When milk is boiled (part of the pasteurisation process) to kill off harmful bacteria, the process also destroys some of the nutrients contained in the milk. So using unpasteurised milk on your skin can have added health benefits for the skin itself. Just don’t drink it, and maybe avoid using it on your face and near your mouth. Try it on the arms and legs. You should do a bit more research on it first though.

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