Does Laser Hair Removal Work? Review of the Remington IPL6000Q iLIGHT Pro Plus Quartz Hair Removal System

Remington IPL6000 iLIGHT Pro Plus Quartz Hair Removal System

Model: IPL6000Q

Where To Buy:

Warranty: 2 Year Limited Warranty

Our Rating: 4/5


~ Remington IPL6000 iLIGHT Pro Laser Hair Removal System Review ~


Product Overview

Does laser hair removal work? With the Remington IPL6000Q it does.

The Remington IPL6000Q is a laser hair removal system designed for home use, saving you dollars at the salon as well as offering you complete privacy while doing the process yourself, in the comfort of your own home. It’s compact, light-weight and easy to use. The system operates on AC power, so there is no hassle about recharging batteries or spending money on battery replacement.

This is an FDA approved system developed by leading dermatologists, producing longer-lasting results in quick time with no mess and no fuss.




What Are The Benefits?

Other options for hair removal can be pretty ineffective. Yes, shaving certainly removes hair, but it can lead to rashes, ingrown hairs, cuts and abrasions, not to mention just being a harsh method in general. Also, once an area is shaved, the hair begins to grow back immediately. Other options such as waxing keep the hair away longer, but they are messy and painful.

With laser hair removal you avoid all that. It’s clean, virtually pain-free (bar some very mild pinpricks of pain), and it keeps the hair away for much longer periods. Sometimes, after regular use, the hairs will be permanently removed.

Both women and men can use the system to remove that unwanted body hair, keeping you and your partner looking your hair-free best.

Although there is an initial upfront cost to purchase one of these systems, they can save you dollars in the long run, both in salon fees as well as travel costs. No need to make appointments or sit in a salon waiting your turn. Simply turn it on and use it any time you desire.

You will start to see visible results and smoother skin within just a few weeks of using the laser system.

The system has a built-in skin tone detection feature to make sure your skin is compatible with laser treatment.

The bulbs will last for up to 30,000 flashes, which is way more than many of the competing models in this price point.


How To Use The iLIGHT Pro Plus Quartz

First, clean, shave and dry the area to be treated.

Place the head of the laser against the skin and listen for the chirping sound. Then hit the trigger to send out the laser flash.

There will be a very brief flash of light followed by warmth. Using an organised grid pattern, treat the entire area where you wish to be hair-free, but don’t treat the exact same spot multiple times in the one session.


The Cons

It doesn’t work on light, grey or blonde hair.

It also doesn’t work on people with dark skin.

The manufacturers declare permanent hair removal after just 3 uses, but that’s not really true. It not only takes more than 3 applications to remove hair, you must keep on using it regularly to keep the area hair-free.

It’s not as effective at removing hair as the more professional models of laser hair removal found in salons, but it also costs a lot less than one of those systems, or a series of salon treatments.


What’s Included

  • The iLIGHT Pro Plus Quartz device
  • Long lasting Quartz bulb, that includes 30,000 flashes; good for up to 50 full body (lower legs, underarms, bikini line) treatments
  • Power cord
  • Lint free cleaning cloth
  • Use and Care Guide
  • Instructional DVD


Product Specifications

  • Cord Type: Corded
  • Flash Bulb Life: 30,000 flashes (Approximately 50 full body treatments; underarms, lower legs & bikini line)
  • Intensity Levels: 5
  • Replacement Bulb: 1 bulb included
  • Skin Contact Sensors: Yes
  • Skin Tone Sensor: Yes
  • Technology: Intense Pulsed Light
  • Time Between Flashes: About 2 seconds
  • Voltage: 115/230 VAC
  • Warranty: 2 Year Limited Warranty


In Conclusion

With a 6 month financing option available to approved purchasers, making the purchase is made easier on the wallet. This is a good laser hair removal system for the money. Maybe not quite as effective as those you find in a salon, but it comes pretty close. There are more expensive models on the market for home use, but they are not necessarily any better than this one. It’s well worth the purchase price in my opinion.





  1. cutepackagingbeautyproductscutepackagingbeautyproducts
    November 2, 2015    

    Hi! Currently I undergo IPL treatment to remove hair at the underarms area. Prior to going for IPL, I simply just shaved. Like mentioned in the post, shaving led to small bumps appearing at my underarms. I have never thought of using a laser hair removal system at home. Since you mentioned that this does not work on people with dark skin, it does not seems like a viable alternative for me. Will keep going to the professional for the time being!

    • November 2, 2015    

      Unfortunately a lot of these IPL systems don’t work on dark skin or on light coloured hair. With darker hair on light skin they work wonders. I thought it worth mentioning that in the review so those with dark skin or wanting to remove light hair won’t waste their money. Thanks for posting a comment.

  2. donnacalieghdonnacaliegh
    November 2, 2015    

    I’ve actually started thinking about laser hair removal because like you said, waxing hurts and shaving (and waxing in some areas) leaves irritation bumps and ingrown hairs. Also, what bothers me even more though is that when your bikini area grows back, it itches and is all prickly. I can’t afford this home system just yet and definitely not the salon treatments but as soon as I can, this sounds like a great product to start out with. Thank you for the review – I will be bookmarking it for when I’m ready to get it.

    • November 2, 2015    

      I’m a guy and I’ve actually tried this device out myself. I don’t personally own one, but my ex-girlfriend did and I tried it a couple of times. They do work really well. Hair will still grow back, but it takes a lot longer, and certainly isn’t painful to do like waxing.

  3. RuthMRuthM
    November 2, 2015    

    This looks like a great product, and I was going to ask whether it was as immediately effective as the salon treatments. My only concern would be that its only for people with light skin and dark hair. Is that right? I have quite sensitive skin and red hair. Would I be able to use it?

    • November 2, 2015    

      Apparently this device is great on sensitive skin. People with sensitive skin tend to go for laser hair removal rather than shaving and waxing for that reason. It should work on red hair no problem. It’s only really light or blonde hair that it’s not effective on.

  4. LynneLynne
    November 8, 2015    

    Thanks for a great review.
    I have been interested in laser hair removal for a while and I’ve been considering having it done. I never realized I could get my own laser hair removal machine to use at home. I am so tired of shaving all the time and I am not a fan of waxing.. Then my husband bought me an epilator and what a bad idea that was! I used that once and chucked it in the bin much to my hubby’s horror! It was so painful to remove the hair.
    I’m a bit disappointed to find out that laser hair removal doesn’t work on blonde hair? Yes I’m a blonde!

    • November 8, 2015    

      Hi Lynne. Yes they work better on darker hair. Maybe it works on blonde hair to some degree, by the manufacturers do say that it’s nowhere near as effective, unfortunately. It’s something to do with the laser’s reaction to the pigment in the hair that sends the charge down into the root to kill it. No pigment, no charge.

  5. Taking A Leap Of FaithTaking A Leap Of Faith
    March 23, 2016    

    I have been wanting to do some hair removal for a while now but it’s just so expensive. When I first started reading I thought wow, I could get this and after a few treatments I wouldn’t need to use it anymore, but found out later that that wasn’t the case. I would have to continually use ti. I know laser hair removal is very expensive, but I think that’s they way I’ll go when I have enough saved. I want to know it’s not coming back.

    • March 23, 2016    

      Hi and thanks for your comments. Laser hair removal at a salon is exactly the same process as this home system. Salons also require you to go there regularly for follow up treatments. No treatment is completely permanent. The salon won’t zap your hair and then it’s gone forever. You have to keep going back and paying top dollar. Much better off using the home treatment for the same results and way less money in the long term. Plus, you don’t have to book appointments or leave the house. Laser treatment vastly slows down the hair regrowth process. It doesn’t stop it altogether.

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