DAFNI Hair Straightening Ceramic Brush Review

DAFNI The Original Hair Straightening Ceramic Brush

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Our Rating: 9/10



~ DAFNI Hair Straightening Brush – Review ~



Dafni lays claim to the fact that they are the original creators of the ceramic hair straightening brush with its 3D technology. This state of the art technology allows the brush to straighten hair up to 8 times faster than ordinary hair straightening flat irons.

The advantage of using a brush style straightener as opposed to a flat iron is it’s better for your hair for one, and brushing hair even with a regular hair brush naturally helps to straighten it. Add the heating capacity into this hair brush and it doubles its ability to straighten hair in a healthy way that actually causes less damage to the hair and also promotes hair growth.

In my opinion and the opinion of others who have tried this “brush style” of hair straightener, we all tend to agree that it does a better job than a flat iron and leaves your hair feeling softer and more nourished than the other method.



What Are The Benefits And Features?

  • Straighten hair up to 8 x faster than a flat iron
  • Achieves straight hair in just 3-5 minutes
  • Promotes more healthy and lustrous hair
  • Made with patented 3D technology
  • Maintains a constant temperature of 365 degrees for optimum results
  • 10 x more powerful than flat irons and heats up in just one minute.
  • Massages the scalp as it straightens
  • Safer for hair, saves time and very easy to use
  • Made from materials used by NASA, the army and the navy


The Cons

  •  It’s got quite a high price tag for a hair straightener.


How Much Does The DAFNI The Original Hair Straightening Ceramic Brush Cost?

This is a fairly new product on the market. Check Amazon for latest price. Its price is comparative to that of a high quality flat iron straightener. Whether the price of this model comes down over time, we will have to wait and see.


Should You Buy It? Yes Or No?

As with any product on the market there are mixed reviews, but the vast majority of reviews for this straightener are positive. There are some particularly great comments from users who naturally have quite curly or frizzy hair, stating that it works way better than flat irons or other hair straighteners they’ve tried.

If you have the budget for this particular high quality model of hair straightener, then by all means buy yourself one. You won’t be disappointed. Best results are achieved when you use the straightener in conjunction with a good hair straightening serum or anti frizz product.

The Dafni Hair Straightening Brush is truly one of the top models on the market and will last for years, as compared to some more budget alternatives out there.

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  1. JolitaJolita
    November 14, 2016    

    I have a naturally thin hair, so everytime I try to straighten my hair I’m left with dry, breaking, extremely damaged ends. However, I’m still keeping my options open and this brush caught my interest.

    I don’t have a budget at the moment for this but I’m definitely bookmarking this page. Thanks for the review.


    • November 14, 2016    

      Thanks Jolita. Worth getting when you do have the budget, and Amazon is often having sales on this model.

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